On February 13, 2016 the IV European Sports Knife Fighting Cup was held in Tallinn as part of the VIII Estonian Open Martial Arts Games.


The IV European Sports Knife Fighting Cup was organized by the Russian Knife Fighting Federation (RKFF) with the support of the Estonian Martial Arts Union, the Tolpar Knife Fighting School, the Russian Union of Martial Arts (RUMA).

Fighters from Russia, Estonia, Latvia and France have taken part in the tournament.
The competitions were held in three height categories – men, open categories women, juniors and professionals (Pro-category) and a team championship as well between national teams of the participating states.

There were 9 sets of medals awarded altogether.
“Tolpar Sports Knife” wireless knife competition scoring system was used (sportsknife.ru).

The results of the fights:
Category: PRO:
1 place Polikarpov Alexander (Russia - Tolpar)
2 place Lyubin Kirill (Russia - Tolpar)
3 place Varyushin Dmitry (Russia - Tolpar)

Category: Juniors:
1 place Timonin Alexey (Estonia - SBSK)
2 place Mende Mark (Estonia - SBSK)
3 place Novozhilov Svyatoslav (Russia)

Category: Men to 175 sm:
1 place Rumyantsev Anton (Russia - Tolpar)
2 place Kononov Sergey (Latvia - LKCF)
3 place Talakin Artem (Russia - Bratislava)

Category: Men to 185 sm:
1 place Kuzmin Roman (Russia - Tolpar)
2 place Kaminsky Dmitry (Russia - Tolpar)
3 place Petrov Dmitry (Estonia Meihua)

Category: Men over 185 sm:
1 place Guillaume Fabien (France - Tolpar)
2 place Petrov Vitaly (Estonia - Meihua)
3 place Nebolsin Konstantin (Estonia - IRBIS)

Category: Women:
1 place Mukha Veronika (Russia - Tolpar)
2 place Petina Christina (Estonia - IRBIS)
3 place Babarykina Anastasia (Estonia - Meihua)

Category: Team championship:
1 place Russian national team: Lubin Kirill, Polikarpov Alexander, Rumyantsev Anton.
2 place The National team of Latvia: Kononov Sergey, Goldblat Vitaly, Strukov Andrey.
3 place - French national team: Ruis Alexis, Mathier Pinel, Gerentes Pierre.

We are mostly grateful to all the participants of the competitions, prize-winners, to everybody who was with us on February 13, 2016 at the IV European Sports Knife Fighting Cup.
We are also thankful to the members of the Organizing Committee and the Judging Panel: Polikarpov Alexander, Perelygin Sergey, Lubin Kirill, Varyushin Dmitry, Mukha Veronika.
Thank you all, dear friends and will be glad to meet you on April 30, 2016 in St.-Petersburg at the International Sports Knife Fighting Competition during the East-West Olympiad.

Organizing Committee

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