About us

Knife fighting school Tolpar was officially registered in Russia on November 24, 2003 and started its first group training that year. As such, Tolpar knife fighting technique (actually any short blade technique) was born long before. It began life in 1985 with help from a Soviet KGB Special Forces officers. At that time the technique was not available to public.

Tolpar is the world’s largest school devoted exclusively to knife fighting.It has 27 certified instructors in 38 cities in 8 countries (Russia, France, India, Italy, Israel, Estonia, Latvia, UAE)

It has a team of professionals highly experienced in coaching and practicing knife fighting,who have proven the efficiency of the Tolpar technique for the last 25 years in competitions and real life situations

Tolpar is a complex self-defence system, which can significantly increase your chance to survive conflicts of any type

Tolpar can be the first step on a Warrior’s Path for a beginner. It can also be used as self-development for those who are already practicing martial arts

Tolpar is a fascinating and versatile training methodology

It is also a way of harmonious personal growth and self-development

Tolpar Knife Fighting School:

• holds monthly seminars and workshops for the special forces of Russian police and security services, security personnel of private companies and the public;
• regularly performs demonstrations in Russian cities on national holidays at the invitation of local authorities;
• organizes events that promote healthy lifestyle and sports knife fighting, give patriotic education to young people, and contribute to sharing experiences between various martial arts organizations.

Studying the techniques, tactics and psychology of knife fighting at Tolpar Knife Fighting School, and participating in sparring that is spectacular, entertaining and safe, you may come to realize that knife fight is a lot more interesting than you thought.

Sports Knife Fighting (Fencing)

Sports knife fighting is a relatively new and exciting direction in martial arts, especially those related to the use of weapons.

Knife fighting has inherently undeniable aesthetics and aristocracy, which are peculiar to duel fencing, including short-bladed fencing. Originating in the Mediterranean, it is very closely linked to the culture of aristocracy and the upholding of honor.

This form of martial art is in that category where the intellect is principally superior to brute force.

These days knife fighting as a sport is talked about more openly and receives positive coverage in the media. Knife fighting competitions take place all over the world, as well as in Russia. They often feature as a part of various official sports events supported and controlled by large sports organizations including the International Olympic Committee.

Despite the current lack of formal uniform rules, we can already say that sports knife fighting is a mass sport, spectacular, entertaining and safe for competitors. We hope that in a few years, the sport will be most popular in the World!

Last year alone, competitions in sports knife fighting were held in a number of large Russian cities and in Italy, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia.

More and more martial arts clubs in the World are beginning to practice sparring with training knives and are sending their fighters to tournaments and participating in referee seminars on this martial art.